3 ways to spark up your wedding exit & where to buy them

Updated: Jul 7

To celebrate Independence Day this week, we rounded up 3 different exit ideas that will really light up your wedding night as you walk out of the reception hall. So if you're wanting to turn this moment into something truly SPARKTACULAR, we've got you covered.

So get ready for a magical, sparkler-filled send-off!

But first, what is a wedding exit?

Most of us have seen a movie or two that has a classic wedding scene where the bride and groom exit the chapel with music playing, doves flying away, and guests tossing rice into the air. But in reality, a wedding exit is usually much simpler than how it gets portrayed in the movies.

A wedding exit can happen after the ceremony and/or reception, where you'll have your guests make two long lines and start cheering when you walk out.

Okay, now you're ready...

1. 20" Wedding Sparklers

This is the go-to wedding send-off style of choice for nighttime affairs because of their celebratory vibe. A 20" sparkler will last for approximately 120 seconds, giving the photography plenty of time to capture the perfect send-off photo. Have the guests line up and wave their sparklers as you walk down the middle.

Buy a 144-pack of 20-inch Sparklers from Sparkers.us for $69.99

2. Cold Sparkler Fountains

One of the main reasons people choose this style is because they can be used in any environment setting, indoor and outdoor, since they produce very little smoke and no odor, which is almost unheard of within the pyrotechnics industry. This type of display is a great way to surprise and wow your wedding guests!

We've also seen this get used for grand entrances, first dances and more!

Rent a set of 2 Cold Spark Effect Machines from Crown DJ's for $400

3. Smoke Bombs

We haven't really seen too many smoke bombs at weddings in Nebraska but more so at weddings on the coasts. The reason why we love it is because they're so cheap and turn out so great in pictures.

Buy a 90 Second Smoke Bomb from Peacock Smoke for $9.25 each

I hope this helps take out a lot of the guesswork about how you want you'd like your wedding night to end. These tips were generated from real weddings that I've worked in Nebraska over the last few years and wanted to share them with you. Please don't just let you wedding night end without a proper send-off.


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