Fun ways to ask for money at your wedding without having a Dollar Dance

Updated: Jul 9

It's 2020 and we still haven't spiced up the dollar dance yet???

For some, the dollar dance is a rich wedding tradition that has been engrained into their family history and goes back several decades. Others think it's a tacky tradition and are looking for alternate ways to get a little extra spending cash while ensuring that the party never stops.

As someone who has been a DJ for over a decade, I've seen newlyweds get really creative with this topic over the years and I wanted to share with you the 4 best ideas that I've seen.

1. Selfie Song

The concept here is quite simple—charge guests a dollar to jump in the photo booth with the happy couple.

The 'Selfie Song' has been our favorite dollar dance alternative since adding a photo booth to our service lineup.

Duration: 5 minutes

2. Dash For Cash

For this game, the bride and groom compete against each other to see who can raise the most money for one song. I've seen couples get really creative by offering something like high fives for $1, hugs for $5 and kisses on the cheeks for $10. After the song is over, the couple will count their money and have the DJ announce who the winner is.

Pro Tip: I've even seen newlyweds take this a step further by making the loser of the 'Dash For Cash' do something semi-embarrassing. For example, when a bride lost she had to remove the garter from the groom during the garter toss. It definitely made the party A LOT more fun!

Duration: 3-5 minutes

3. Highest Bidder

If you're expecting to have a big turnout at your reception, a great alternative is to auction off a dance with the bride and groom to the highest bidder(s). This will help make sure that the dollar dance doesn't take so long that it starts cutting into the dance party.

Duration: 3 minutes

4. Buffet Line Auction

Let's be real, nobody wants to be the last table to get dismissed for dinner. So why not use it to your advantage and make a fun game of it? You can auction off the chance to be the first table to eat. And, if the crowd is super into it, maybe the second and third tables, too? I've seen tables of 8 guests get really competitive with this and scrap together a pile of cash then fork over $150 just to be the first in line.

Duration: 2 minutes

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