Here's the secret to finding the best local wedding vendors

If you're planning a wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic, then it's probably been hard finding local wedding vendors that you'd like to hire since there hasn't been any good bridal shows recently.

From venues to photographers, DJs, florists and more, I wanted to share with you a unique hack that I would use if I was planning my own wedding right now.

But first, you might be thinking to yourself: "Why don't I just Google it?"

The primary reason that I don't suggest using Google is because their search results tend to show favoritism towards those bulky directory sites like WeddingWire and The Knot, which will definitely fill up your inbox with spammy emails from 100+ vendors all at the same time as soon as you submit your email address.

So, what should you do instead?

Search on Instagram

Everybody enjoys a nice little creep session on the 'gram, right? Well... it's finally time that you get to use those detective skills for good!!

It should be no secret by now that Instagram is capable of tracking the physical location of your mobile device any time that you're using their app, which allows its users to tag their content to specific coordinates on a map.

Also, it's worth pointing out that many wedding vendors are quite active on Instagram (especially on the weekends) and they should be smart enough to tag the locations where their clients are having their ceremony or reception.

How to public photos taken at a specific location

These are the instructions the I copied and pasted word-for-word from the Instagram help website.

  1. Tap the Magnifying Glass icon to go to Search & Explore.

  2. Tap Search and enter the location name.

  3. Tap Places to see the locations that match your search.

  4. Select the place that you want to see photos for.

Look at pictures taken at your venue(s)

If you've already put down deposits for where you'll be having your ceremony and reception, then just go look through the photos that were tagged at those locations first.

When you come across a picture that has something that catches your eye, stop scrolling and message whoever posted it regardless if they were a bride or business.

"Hey, I just saw this picture and I absolutely love your bouquet! Would you mind telling me where you got it from?"

It's not weird, and they'll definitely appreciate the compliment!

Go look at pictures taken at other venues, too

If you're going to use this strategy then you might as well look at all the popular venues and churches in the same city or town that you're getting married in and utilize the same strategy that I used above.

Be sure to check the caption because people LOVE to brag about how great their wedding was and they might have shared the list of vendors in the photo description.

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