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Just a few months ago, I started an exclusive club for anyone that wants to throw an epic wedding in Nebraska and, right now, it has 50+ members who are planning weddings in the Cornhusker State.

As someone who has been the DJ at HUNDREDS of weddings over the last 14 years, I felt like it was finally time for me to share with you my "SECRET SAUCE" ... even if that means I'm not the one who is in charge of the party at your wedding because I still believe that you deserve to have an epic wedding, too.

In this group, you will get more FREE VALUE than you would get anywhere else and it's all free advice that is completely tailored to anyone that's getting married in Nebraska. Everything that gets shared in this group is all new stuff and now outdated, unlike the other vendors in the area who are still talking about trends they saw back in 2014.

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