Playlists: The most popular wedding songs on Spotify in 2020

Picking out wedding music was a lot harder before we had access to music streaming services, like Spotify and Apple Music.

In the past, couples struggled to find good songs because their access was limited to the CDs and tapes they had in their collection or the music that was played on the radio or MTV. They weren't able to find those songs that they really wanted to have played when they walked down the aisle or had their first dance.

But now picking out all of your wedding music is a million times easier ever since music streaming became a thing because you're able to save the songs you like, organize them however you want and share them with everyone.

At Crown DJ's, the majority of my clients pay for the $10 Spotify Premium subscription, so it's very common for brides and grooms to send me links to their favorite playlists so that I have a better idea of what kind of music they like to listen to.

Also, I've created a bunch of playlists to help you find the perfect song for a specific moment:

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